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A. The present 'Law of Return' as a SECURITY-RISK for the State of Israel: The Mubarak Awad Scandal


1. Argument 1: "If the' Law of Return' will be amended to limit conversions to Halachic conversions, this would, in effect, delegitimize all Jews who do not accept, or adhere to, the principles and beliefs of orthodox Judaism!

2. Argument II: "Amending the 'Law of Return' will preclude the State of Israel from serving as a haven of refuge for those persecuted because of their Jewish antecedents!

3. Argument III: "The attempts to amend the law are an orthodox ploy to fight the non-orthodox movements and to establish an orthodox hegemony over Jews throughout the world

4. Argument IV: "The 'Who is a Jew'- issue is a purely religious problem. It is within the purview of the rabbinate, and not of the secular parliament of Israel. Thus it must be removed from the political agenda altogether

5. Argument V: "Retaining the status quo of the 'Law of Return' as it stands now, is the sole way to preserve Jewish unity, because it grants tacit assent to religious pluralism

6. Argument VI: "Now is not the time to amend the 'Law of Return'. Let us wait until the tempers will cool, and then we shall reconsider the situation."

7. Argument VII: "The reform and conservative movements represent the vast majority of the Jewish People. Their wishes, therefore, must be respected, and their ideologies are entitled to (at least) equal status

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