- Part One


1. What is the definition of a 'Jew'?

2. Can one be a 'non-religious' or 'secular' Jew?

3. Are all offspring of Jewish parents 'Jewish?'

4. Does it make any difference to a person's religious status if just one of the biological parents  is Jewish ?

5. Is it possible for non-Jews to convert to Judaism

6. How does a non-Jew convert to Judaism?

7. What does 'Acceptance of the principles, teachings and practices of Judaism' mean?

8. What is the significance of circumcision and immersion in a mikveh?

9. Who can convert to Judaism?

10. How does Judaism view conversion and converts?

11. What is the meaning of 'With the guidance, approval and supervision of authorized representatives...'?

12. Who is an authorized representative to serve on a Bet Din?

13. Is there not more than one interpretation of Jewish Law and tradition?

14. Why would the orthodox refuse to recognize the qualifications of 'reform' or 'conservative' rabbis to act in ritual matters (like  conversions) which require authorized rabbis?

15. What is the controversy of 'Who is a Jew'?

16. Who is affected by the problem of 'Who is a Jew'?

17. Are all conversions performed by 'orthodox rabbis' automatically valid?

18. What is the status of a person who underwent a non-halachic conversion?

19. Is not the problem of 'Who is a Jew' an internal issue for the State of Israel?

20. How can one reconcile the principles of pluralism and democracy with a narrow view of 'legitimate conversions'?

21. How can Jewish communal unity be preserved in view of this controversy?

22. Is not the issue of 'Who is a Jew' a power-play for the 'orthodox' rabbinate and establishment?

23. Why can we not allow the parliament of Israel to resolve this issue as it sees fit?

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